For dancers in grades 2-12

Eclipse Dance Team

Our award-winning dance team is geared towards students who show a passion for dance and who are ready to take their training and performance skills to the next level. Dancers work closely with and are mentored by TPAC faculty to reach new heights in dance, achieve excellence, make lasting friendships, build self-esteem, and be part of a true team experience.  TPAC’s Eclipse Dance Team has been synonymous with excellence and a leader in the dance industry for over a decade. Students with a passion and an enthusiasm for dance are invited to join our award-winning team.  Three tiers of membership allow our dancers to choose the level of commitment that is best for their schedules and dance goals. Building a solid technical foundation is a key component of our comprehensive program and we take a 
holistic approach to each individual dancer.  Through positive mentoring and coaching, students gain confidence, skills, and lasting friendships on the dance floor and in life!  Whether you are dancing with dreams of a professional career or a new dancer who wants to feel part of a team (or both!), your second home at TPAC on Eclipse Dance Team awaits!  

Eclipse Dance Team is an audition- and invitation-based program.  Please call the studio for more information; we'd love to get your child on the path to join this special group of dancers! 

Members of the Eclipse Dance Team are passionate about dance, class work, and performing.  Company members take classes specifically offered to their team in addition to elective classes in our Conservatory Program.   

Performance opportunities for our team are spectacular!  Each team performs at our Holiday Recital, a variety of holiday concerts and community events, at least 3 dance competitions per year, and even live at a Boston Celtics Game at the TD Garden!  Our 2016-2017 dancers performed live on stage at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and our 2017-2018 team performed in the Bahamas on a cruise ship!

Students demonstrate respect for their training, their teachers, and their fellow team members.  Through competition performances, dancers work toward a common goal and learn valuable lessons in teamwork, dedication, responsibility, and commitment.  Our Eclipse Dance Team is an audition- and invitation-based program.  Please call the studio for more information as we'd love to get your child on the path to join this special group of dancers!

"I am especially appreciative of the sense of community you have cultivated with the team...Friendships can transcend the typical school-based friendships, and you make connections with girls of different ages and different towns.   When my daughter walks through the front door of TPAC, or when she is dancing in a studio or hanging out in the dressing room, I see her feel a part of something. That intangible sense of comfort is so especially helpful in these tween years."

--Laura Kinney, Team Parent

2021-2022 Season

Stars (grades 2-8) 
There is nothing quite like sharing the stage with your friends expressing the joy of dance!  Our Stars team dancers perform at 2 community shows, our Spring Recital, and 1 competition 
(1 routine).  There is no audition necessary for this team.  Our Stars dancers enroll in Conservatory Ballet, Jazz, and a weekly rehearsal class.
Annual Membership Fee: $75.

Intensive Program (grades 4-12)
Our Intensive Program gives dedicated dancers the opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of the art of dance, build character, and to work as a team towards one common purpose.  Intensive dancers enroll in a minimum of 6 Conservatory classes per week (Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, two Competition classes and Production) and regularly perform at community shows, our Spring Recital, and 3 competitions (3+ routines).  Dancers have the option and are encouraged to attend exclusive conventions, summer classes, and master classes.  Additionally, an Intensive-level mid-year training session with EDT faculty is included with membership.  Intensive Program
dancers audition annually for Competition class placement. 
Annual Membership Fee: $125 (includes EDT-exclusive Boot Camp in February).  

Pre-Professional Program (grades 4-12)
Pre-Professional team members are ready and willing to accelerate their training and fully commit to dance.  With a heightened focus on training and skill refinement, Pre-Professionals 
enroll in a minimum of 9 Conservatory classes per week (two Ballet classes, Jazz, Lyrical, an Elective, three Competition classes and Production) and perform at community shows, our 
Spring Recital, and 3 competitions (4+ routines).  Dancers participate in TPAC Summer 2021 Boot Camp (included in membership fee) and have the opportunity to attend exclusive conventions and master classes.  Additionally, a Pre-Professional-level mid-year training session with EDT faculty is included with membership.  Pre-Professional dancers audition annually for Competition class placement.
Annual Membership Fee: $175 (includes Boot Camp in February and August).