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Core Values:

Welcoming. Belonging. Empowerment. Learning and Growing. Community. Joy and Gratitude. Service with Excellence and Authenticity.

The Performing Arts Connection is a full-service dance and performing arts school for children, teenagers, and adults. We have been training and coaching students of all ages since 2000. We believe that any child who wants to pursue dance and the performing arts should have a fun, safe, supportive, and exciting environment in which to train.

TPAC was founded in 2007 by Samantha Bower.  As a young child, Samm dreamed of being in the limelight.  When she was fourteen years old, she founded The Friends of Broadway, a charitable children's touring group that performs for local venues such as hospitals, nursing homes, and malls that continues to thrive today.  Through this experience, Samm discovered her true passion and purpose: teaching performing arts to children.  


TPAC weaves together Samm's passion for quality performing arts training with a nurturing and professional faculty.

Our studio culture is supportive, energetic, and inclusive.  TPAC is committed to helping build confidence in every student while providing the highest level of performing arts instruction.  Our faculty strives for excellence in performing arts education and is dedicated to maintaining our famously supportive and encouraging environment.  From your first pair of dance shoes to your Broadway debut, TPAC is the perfect place for you to learn, grow, build community, and follow your dreams!

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