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What to Provide from Home


Youth Musicals

#1 - Base Layer

Choose the base layer option that feels most comfortable. If a specific base is preferred for your character it will be indicated on the emailed character chart.

OPTION #1: Skin-toned leotard and black dance shorts + skin-matching split-sole jazz shoes

OPTION #2: Solid white or skin toned tank top and black dance shorts + skin-matching split-sole jazz shoes

OPTION #3: Solid white t-shirt and shorts that can fit comfortably under pants, such as bike/compression shorts + skin-matching split-sole jazz shoes

BASE LAYER_edited_edited.jpg

#2 - Base Stage Makeup

  •  Liquid foundation 1 shade darker than natural skin tone to help ensure the lights don’t wash you out. Please ensure that you do not go higher than 1 shade darker. Pink blush 1 shade darker than natural skin tone.

  • OPTIONAL:​ Facial contouring - see the video tutorial below!


#3 - All About Hair

  • Keep in mind these are suggestions - please do what works best for your hair! 

  • Our ultimate goal with hair is that it’s pulled neatly away from the face to ensure that every actor’s face can be seen.  Feel free to use hairspray, gel, bobby pins or neutral hair clips.

  • We want to keep things as simple as possible while also allowing our students to have fun with the artistic elements!

  • We also understand the many differences in hair textures and lengths, and we do our best to ensure our options are as inclusive as possible. 

  • Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

  • Sample photos are provided for inspiration and links to short video tutorials can be found in the last column. It is always a good idea to do a practice run on your character’s look ​before​ the day of the dress rehearsal.

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