Upcoming 2021 Registration Dates

Sunday, January 9 - Online Registration at 7pm for Summer Theater Workshops 2022.

Currently Open for Registration

  • The Conservatory Program (Jan-May session for grades 2-3)

  • Little Limelight Winter + Spring 2022

  • Group Voice Lab Winter + Spring 2022

  • Wednesday Fun Days

  • "Matilda, Jr." Youth Musical

  • TPAC Troupe 

  • Encore: An Adult Glee Club

How to Register

Online registration is available for all programs!  

Refund Policies 2021-2022

All Programs

We are unable to provide refunds or credits for any classes, lessons, workshops, or performances that are canceled, moved to a virtual platform, or are unable to proceed as the result of governmental orders, natural disasters, or pandemic. Virtual lessons will be made available whenever possible if unplanned closures extend past a week.

The Conservatory Program 2021-2022

  • Dropped by August 8, 2021 - 100% refund less $15 processing fee per class.

  • Dropped after August 8, 2021 but before the second class - 100% CREDIT to any TPAC program which must be used within one year from the date of purchase less $15 processing fee per class.

  • Dropped before the third class - 50% CREDIT to any TPAC program which must be used within one year from the date of purchase less $15 processing fee per

  • Dropped after the third class - No refunds, substitutions, or credits for any reason.

  • Additionally, the last opportunity to switch classes will be November 1, 2021. After November 1, 2021 any additional classes or switches must be paid for separately and previous payments cannot be carried over. There are no refunds or credits, partial or in full, given for late arrivals, early departures, or time off due to outside activities, injury, or illness. No refunds will be given after August 8, 2021 regardless of if you sign up after this date. No-shows do not count as a dropped class. We must receive an email or phone call. Costume fees are non-refundable.

Little Limelight Fall, Winter, Spring

  • Dropped before the second class: 100% Refund less $15 processing fee per class.

  • Dropped before the fourth class: 50% Credit less $15 processing fee per class.

  • Dropped after the fourth class: No refunds or credits. There are no refunds or credits, partial or in full, given for late arrivals, early departures, or time off due to outside activities, injury, or illness. No refunds will be given after the fourth class of the session regardless of if you sign up after this date. We must receive an email or phone call for dropped classes.

Workshops/Other (includes Conservatory Jr., Little Limelight Summer Programs and Fun Days) There are no refunds or credits given for any reason, including failure to comply with the Participation Policy, within 2 months of the start date of the first session, regardless of if we can fill your child's spot. You may not independently find someone to take your child's spot and have them pay you privately for your child's place at any time. Please make certain you are able to commit before you register as there are no credits, refunds, or substitutions within 2 months
of the start date of the first session. Refunds and credits granted within the grace period are subject to a $15 processing fee.

Private Lessons

Private lessons canceled within 24 hours of the appointment time for any reason will be charged for the full lesson. No exceptions. Lesson packages are non-refundable, non-transferable, and never expire. We do not offer refunds or credits for unused private lessons. Payment for lessons is due before each lesson. Everyone will be required to have a working credit card on file at the studio. Your credit card will be charged for payments more than 7 days past due at the single lesson rate.

Summer Theater Workshops 2022

Tuition is only 50% refundable if the workshop is dropped for any reason by April 30, 2022. There are absolutely no refunds, credits, or substitutions for any reason as of May 1, 2022.

Full refunds will be available through January 31, 2022.  After January 31, 50% refunds will be available until April 30, 2022.  Refund and credit opportunities expire May 1, 2022 unless TPAC cancels a workshop.



I realize that while TPAC endeavors to take reasonable and appropriate safety precautions, participation in supervised lessons and rehearsals involve some risk of injury. I hereby release and hold harmless TPAC and all of its principals, agents, contractors, and employees of and from any liability, actions, claims, and damages of any kind, on account of injuries of any type or nature incurred in connection with my child’s participation in this program. In case of a medical emergency where I am not immediately available, I authorize TPAC staff to take all actions reasonably necessary to preserve and protect the health of my child. I give my permission for TPAC to attain emergency medical treatment for my child if I cannot be reached.


I authorize TPAC to allow my child’s photo to appear in promotional and educational materials without identification. A studio-sanctioned photographer may take photos or videos during classes, rehearsals, and performances for promotional and educational use. For the safety of students, TPAC does not allow any personal videotaping or photography during classes or rehearsals. I understand that TPAC uses social media outlets (such as Facebook and Instagram) that allow for comments and “tagging” by users.


Pre-Requisites & Low Enrollment: Students must meet the minimum age and/or grade requirement as well as any requirements specific to the program unless prior permission has been granted from the director. The studio reserves the right to cancel a program at any time due to low enrollment. A minimum of 4-10 students may be required to hold a class or workshop.

Holidays, Vacations, and Cancellations: Our schedule generally corresponds with that of the Sudbury Public Schools. Classes and workshops will be held on most Professional Development/Teacher Workshop days. Each program's handbook outlines these dates for you. Please also see our Studio Calendar located on our website.

Observation: We do not allow observers or guests inside the studios during classes and workshops with the exception of performances.

Weather Policy: We generally follow the Sudbury Public School system for cancellations and delays due to inclement weather.  We will always send a final decision via email by 8:00am for morning classes and 1:00pm for afternoon/evening classes.   Our tuition schedule accounts for two reserve snow days per Conservatory class and one reserve snow day for all other programs.  

NSF Payments: Returned payment due to lack of funds will incur a $20 fee.

Property Damage: I agree that I am responsible, and agree to timely reimburse TPAC, for any damage to any TPAC property caused by me, my child, a family member or agent. TPAC property includes, without limitation, costumes and any property for which TPAC is responsible, whether or not owned by TPAC, such as venue property and rented props. Further, I agree that TPAC may put my account On Hold, at any time, if I refuse to reimburse TPAC for property damage.

Personal Property: TPAC is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings. Please leave valuables at home.

Pick Up/Drop Off: TPAC is not responsible for students before, after, or in between programs. During this time, all students and children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Meals: Some programs require a snack or lunch to be brought from home. TPAC is not responsible for providing meals for my child and TPAC is a nut- and peanut-free facility.

On Hold Accounts: TPAC reserves the right to place an account On Hold when I, any family member or agent, or any child associated with my account, breaches this Agreement, including violations of TPAC’s Anti-Bullying Policy, interference with TPAC’s creative learning environment, damages to TPAC property, or failure to pay an outstanding balance. I agree that while my account is On Hold, (i) any child or participant associated with my account may be dismissed from current activities, without refund and (ii) I will not be able to register any child or participant associated with my account for future activities, either through my account or another account. If the sole reason an account is On Hold is because of outstanding balances, payment in full removes an account from being On Hold. If an account is On Hold for any other reason, removing an account from being On Hold is at the sole discretion of TPAC. If I register a child or participant in violation of my account being On Hold, TPAC may undo the registration, and I agree that I will lose any processing fees.


Attendance Policy: Absences should be reported as soon as possible.  Regular attendance is vital to student progress and group choreography.  As we get closer to performances, attendance is critical. The studio reserves the right to remove a student from performances due to low attendance or frequent tardiness.

Participation Policy: TPAC reserves the right to dismiss any student who is frequently late or absent to rehearsals or any student who misses the final two rehearsals or any performances. I agree that failure to comply with the Participation Policy results in my account being placed On Hold. Participation Policies use the following definitions: LATENESS: arriving more than 15 minutes late or leaving more than 15 minutes early. ABSENCE: missing 1 rehearsal or performance in its entirety; two “lates” = one absence. I agree that my registration fee pays for the opportunity for my child to participate in the program but, if my account is placed On Hold, does not guarantee that my child will be able to complete the program or perform in the production. Absences due to illness: Absences due to illness, when accompanied by a doctor’s note, may be accepted, at the discretion of the TPAC staff. It is important that students stay home if they show signs of illness or have had a fever within the last 24 hours of class or rehearsal.

IMPORTANT Youth Musical/PROVE IT Attendance/Participation Policy: We allow two absences total. We do not permit any absences, early departures, or late arrivals to the final two rehearsals or performances.


Casting decisions are final. Issues regarding progress and casting are handled strictly via email. Phone or in-person meetings are considered personal consultations and you will be charged $105 per meeting or consultation. Meetings and consultations are subject to availability.


TPAC has studios in several nearby locations (within a 2-minute walk). TPAC has my permission to walk my child to and from the different studio locations. TPAC shall not be liable for any claims arising from my child walking to and from TPAC’s different studio locations, whether or not my child was escorted by TPAC staff. Youth Musical rehearsals are held at our flagship location and do not require switching to The Loft.


Creative Learning Environment: TPAC is committed to providing a creative learning environment. As such, TPAC does not tolerate any of the following and any participant or any child, or his/her parent, family or friend, engaging in any of the following behaviors, without limitation, may result in the participant's or child's dismissal from the current program, without refund, and the account will be put On Hold: Physical aggression towards any other person; refusal to participate (i.e. sing, say lines, execute choreography, wear assigned costume, follow directions, etc.); inability to pay attention or focus; lack of preparation; disruptive behavior; verbally abusive or threatening language towards any other person; inability to stay in rehearsal room or performance venue without parent; causes harm, or threatens to cause harm, to self, others or property of TPAC or another; intentionally exposes a sick or contagious child or self to others; throws objects; takes or hides other's belongings; uses or sells cigarettes or alcohol or illegal drugs at rehearsal or performance venues; violence; vandalism; threatening behavior (physical or emotional); sexual misconduct. TPAC has the sole, unilateral discretion to determine whether certain behavior warrants dismissal and placing an account On Hold.

Anti-Bullying Policy: TPAC recognizes the harmful effects of bullying. As such, TPAC does not tolerate bullying of any kind, by either a participant or child or a participant's or child's parents, family members or friends, especially bullying directed towards another member of the TPAC community, be it threatening, physically intimidating or saying or writing hateful or mean-spirited words anywhere, at any time, associated with an TPAC event or performance, either in person or online. TPAC has the sole, unilateral discretion to determine whether certain behavior is bullying.