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Prospective Parents

Just starting out?  We specialize in working with all levels of experience and all ages!  We provide an encouraging  and positive atmosphere for our families.  Call us at any time to schedule a tour or learn more about how we can make a positive difference in your child's life.


Qualified Adult Instructors

Our professional instructors love working with students of all ages and levels.  Our instructors strive to challenge and inspire every student as well as instill important life skills such as commitment, respect, leadership, and kindness.  We are proud to provide you with a warm, caring, and friendly faculty.

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Age-Appropriate Environment

You can count on age-appropriate music, costumes, and choreography at TPAC!


Program Variety

Our curriculum caters to a wide range of ages, levels, abilities, schedules, and interests.  From your first steps as a dancer to preparing for your next Broadway audition, we have a class for you! 


Performance Opportunities

Our motto is "Everyone gets to be in the limelight" and we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of on-stage opportunities.  From showcases to recitals to large, full-scale musicals and more, if you want to be on stage you've come to the right place!


Professional Management & Excellence in Customer Service

TPAC has a full-time administrative team ready to serve you and your family.  You can expect timely and friendly communication, superior organization, and a deep commitment to a positive studio environment for all.


Outstanding Facility

We are proud to have one of the largest dance studios in the region! Our 13,800 square foot facility is inviting, spacious, and clean.   TPAC features 4 large, air-conditioned dance studios, 2 private lesson studios, an extra-large rehearsal studio, and our signature black box performance stage.  Parents appreciate our spacious and comfortable waiting areas, complimentary WiFi access, a children's play area and the fact that we are adamant about maintaining a nut-free facility.  Students enjoy two spacious dressing rooms and a designated homework zone!


Beyond the Limelight

We are passionate about giving back to the community at large.  We offer scholarships and free programming to students requiring financial assistance.  We hold an annual toy drive during the holidays for Toys for Tots.  We help  raise funds for charities such as HOPEsudbury, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Sudbury Food Pantry, and the Red Cross.  Our students perform at nursing homes and hospitals, bringing the gift of music and dance!  We are invested in our community and our students!



TPAC is an inspiring and cheery studio environment. I had the pleasure of teaching there during the first years at the current space and loved being a part of the TPAC faculty and community. Samantha inspires and leads with grace. Together with her faculty, she molds youth into poised young professionals who not only have the ability to go on to careers in the arts, but also also the ability to enter the world of adulthood prepared for whatever they choose to pursue.

Annie Thistle, Owner of Performing Arts Academy of Marin, CA

I feel so fortunate to have found TPAC.  My kids are so enjoying your classes and I love what you are giving each of them...confidence, courage, and a great outlet for self-expression.  I am so impressed with what you have created in your studio - both the physical appearance (clean, bright, colorful) and more importantly, the creative appearance (acceptance, encouragement, commitment).  I want to thank you for always being so open and receptive to what I have to share.  My priority as a mom is to find and create opportunities to build the self-esteem of my kids, while also helping them learn and understand humility and gratitude.  One of the reasons I was so drawn to PAC for the very first phone call was because it felt like your core values in your business were very similar to what I prioritize as a parent.  So I thank you again for doing what you do and doing it so well.

Amy Henry, Parent

You help those girls with all kinds of wonderful stuff, but to me one of the best things is the expectation, and thus habit, of being collaborative and supportive. I know that's not everyone's impulse all the time, and sometimes you're pushing against the cultural tide fostering that habit, but what a worthy pursuit... and just look at the result!

Max Hall, Parent

Thanks so much for a tremendous 10 weeks of classes that culminated with tonight's performance.  I think I speak for all of us when I say we truly enjoyed the class and we learned some wonderful skills that will help us in all aspects of life.   Looking forward to joining up again the fall.

Larry W, Adult Acting Student

It is difficult to convey to you, in words, how very much we appreciate your kindness. In so many wonderful ways, you have made a tremendous difference in our daughter's life. While the rest of the world can be uncertain and unfair, she can always count on you and TPAC to give her a safe haven in which to shine. She knows that she is expected to give her best, and, in return, she receives so many rewards. What a tremendous gift!

Dianne Weiss, Parent

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